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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Cape Town Press Club pays tribute to Allister Sparks - his voice will be missed

The Cape Town Press Club notes with deep sadness the passing of veteran journalist Allister Sparks on Monday.

Allister last addressed the Cape Town Press Club earlier this year, when he spoke about his book, “The Sword and the Pen”.

Sparks observed, chronicled and participated in our country's unfolding drama for more than 66 years, covering events from the premiership of DF Malan to the presidency of Jacob Zuma, witnessing at close range the rise and fall of apartheid and the mixed results of the new South Africa.

In 2010, he delivered the Press Club’s annual Barry Streek Memorial Lecture and spoke about media freedom.

He said, “The strongest card we have to play in this brinkmanship game is the knowledge that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that any newspaper could ever publish about the Government that could do half as much damage to its reputation in the world as the act of introducing press control itself.” [ Full transcript ]

On behalf of the Committee of the Cape Town Press Club, we pay tribute to the life and legacy of Allister Sparks and extend our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family. His voice will be deeply missed.

Rest in peace Ruth Golembo

The Cape Town Press Club has learned with deep sadness of the sudden passing of one of its former vice chairs,Ruth Golembo. Golembo for many years headed up Lange PR after serving with distinction as a journalist at theSunday Times.

Ruth has been one of the club’s longest serving and most loyal committee members, and helped arrange some of the club's most successful club events and was also much involved in fundraising activities.

Her commitment to the ideals for which the Club stood for, and her energy, work-ethic and talent will remain an inspiration to the rest of us. We will miss Ruth deeply, and send our condolences to her friends, family and colleagues.

Press Club tribute by Joylene van Wyk and Brent Meersman (co-chairpersons), Martin Slabbert (vice-chairperson), Donwald Pressly (secretary general) Paul Vecchiatto, Gail Washkansky, William Smook and Jacques Dommisse.

Parliamentary Press Gallery Association

5 July 2016

Gagging of SABC journalists must fall

The Parliamentary Press Gallery Association is highly disappointed with the decision by the South African Broadcasting Corporation to start disciplinary hearings against Lukhanyo Calata on Tuesday.

Mr Calata has been a long-serving SABC television Parliamentary reporter who has developed a reputation for honest, fair and objective journalist in at times a very difficult working environment.

The disciplinary hearings against Mr Calata are allegedly for his interview with a Cape Town newspaper when he criticised the SABC for a number of corporate changes.

While the association respects the requirement of media houses to restrict their reporters from speaking to rival companies, it believes that there is an exception in this case.

Read the full press release...


Thursday 30 June 2016

Cape Town Press Club comments on recent events at SABC

Recent events at the national broadcaster have brought back memories of undemocratic apartheid-era tendencies at the SABC, says the Cape Town Press Club.

“The cancellation of current affairs shows such as Workers on Wednesday and The Editors, the instruction for newspaper headlines to no longer be read on air, the refusal to air visuals of protest action as part of TV news bulletins, and various suspensions of journalists who have objected is all very reminiscent of a past we simply cannot afford to nor could possibly wish to return to,” says the Club’s Chair Brent Meersman.

An atmosphere of fear is reported to exist at the SABC, and does not bode well for freedom of speech and democracy. The Press Club strongly disagrees with some decisions being made by the corporation’s COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who, Meersman says, is accountable to the public as a whole not just the SABC.

The Cape Town Press Club, says Meersman, believes Motsoeneng must go if the SABC, which has a myriad problems that need serious addressing, can even begin to get its house back in order.

“The thousands of committed reporters and broadcasters at the SABC need to have the freedom to meet the commitments they have to the people of South Africa and nobody’s political agenda.”


Monday 14 March 2016

John Caviggia's death is a sad loss for Cape Town, says Cape Town Press Club

The Cape Town Press Club is deeply saddened by the death of John Caviggia, who passed away this past weekend.

John served as a member of the Cape Town Press Club committee for many years. He brought with him not only his very eccentric manners and his fine clothing and jewellery, which reflected his great sense of humour. His immense knowledge of the arts and theatre world was of great value to the club.

"I used to call John "Mother Theresa" because he looked a little like a nun on an exceedingly decadent day - bedecked a little like an altar with gold crosses and his pretty things," says Donwald Pressley, former Chairperson and current Secretary General of the Club.

Caviggia had a great interest in the news. He was passionate about South African politics and economics. He made his views well known at our functions for years.

He also took a personal interest in all the members of the club and used to help the secretariat seat the guests and prepare for functions. He just loved helping people and socialising with press club members. On occasion he also chaired functions if they related to the theatre.

The Committee will miss him greatly. Rest in Peace John.


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